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    Whenever I begin working on a new issue of the magazine, I spend some time reflecting on the season that is upon us. As I began this issue, I reflected on the summers of my childhood and realized that summer is a time of rejuvenation. There truly is no better feeling than being a carefree child who exits the school building for the last time, knowing that summer literally stretches before you. I remember long summer days spent at the neighbors playing on the swing set, making “mud pies” and lying in the grass looking up at the clouds. As I was remembering these happy moments, I realized that each of us, regardless of our age or location, has had similar experiences and we relive those carefree moments each summer.

    I hope this issue of A Primitive Place magazine inspires you to spend some time in quiet reflection about how to relax and rejuvenate during the summer months. Inside this issue you will have the opportunity to visit five primitive/colonial homes that truly do evoke the essence of summer. You will also see how the outdoor spaces of these homes were decorated and used as spaces to rest and rejuvenate. 

    Whatever your idea of the perfect summer is, I hope that you will allow us to be part of it and that this issue will serve as a reminder of the summers of your past and will inspire you to dream of the summers to come. 
Home of Dave and Wendy Patterson, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Written by Betsy Heck, Photographed by Karen Gerhart
Cover Design by Kristine Walden

Kristine Walden
A Primitive Place, LLC
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