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Announcing the release of the Christmas 2019 issue
  As Christmas rolls around each year, my mind is filled with so many wonderful memories and my heart is filled with joy. Inevitably, I also feel a little sadness and a longing for the simpler times of life. I, like all of you, miss the people in my family who are no longer here, and I long for a time when it seemed that everyone cherished their fellowman. It seems as time has gone on, we live in a very divided world. To me Christmas is a time when we can bridge that gap. After all, shouldn’t there at least be peace on Earth at Christmas?

    As I was preparing this issue, I could not help but be filled with peace and even a little bliss, and I began reflecting on how blessed I am to be surrounded by all the beauty that the homeowners featured in this issue bring into all of our lives. As I was reflecting on that, I realized that decorating and making our homes beautiful is something that all of us who read A Primitive Place magazine have in common.  We may not all look the same or believe the same, but we can be united in our love of the primitive/colonial style. Isn’t that a wonderful thing?

    So this year, let’s be united in love. Let’s celebrate our differences, but at the same time find common ground. I know that if that can happen a little more often, we can return to those simpler times we all long for at Christmas.​​

Home of Michael and Kathy Day of Marstons Mills, Massachusetts. Photographed by Jennifer Libbey-Cote. This issue will be released November 1st and will arrive in mailboxes by mid-November or sooner depending on your postal zone.

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