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Spring 2018
Five Home Tours!

Home of Judson and Vicky Daniel
South Boston, Virginia
A House of Many Blessings

Home of Michelle and John Torella
Hubbard, Ohio
The House that Passions Built 

Home of Jody and Matt Ellenwood
Fort Wayne, Indiana
Back to the Prairie 

Home of Burgess Clark and Daniel Blake
Saving Walden Farm 

Home of Sharon and Joseph Minarczyk

Urbanna, Virginia
Paint Makes All the Difference 

Spring 2018
Summer 2018
Five Home Tours!

Home of Tom and Teresa Schoeppner
Minerva, Ohio
Generational Living

Home of Ted and Sue Bucks
Lansing, Michigan
A Passion for Rusticity

Home of Nancy March
Lansing, Michigan
March Back in Time

Home of Dick and Donna Ruby
Milnor, North Dakota
Preserving the Past

Tim and Kathy Hoehn
Limo, Ohio
The Walnut Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree
Summer 2018
Fall 2018
Five Home Tours!

Home of Gail Reeder
Scottsville, Kentucky
Strength Becomes Her

Home of Bert and Vickie Thigpen
Warren, Ohio
Live and Learn…and Rearrange

Home of Susan Maynard
Newton Falls, Ohio
This DIY-er Does Frontier

Home of Jim and Susan Savering
Corland, Ohio
Reflections of the Past

Abbottstown, Pennsylvania
Reviving the Stone House

Fall 2018

Christmas 2018
Five Home Tours!

Home of Dennis and Barb Odegard
Milnor, North Dakota
Primitive Inside & Out

Home of Drew and Renee Hubiak
Glen Gardner, New Jersey
When Christmas Comes to the Poor Farm

Home of Tom and Sue Penney
Shapleigh, Maine
Christmas Treasure

Home of John Zerbo
Bergan County, New York
Origin, Evolution & Detail

Home of Jerel and Karen Jackson
Bismarck, Illinois
Picture Perfect

Christmas 2018

Spring 2017
Six Home Tours!

Home of Tom and Jamie Prokopchuk
The House with Stories to Tell

Home of Carole and Chuck Conn
Litchfield, Connecticut
Historic House #12 Becomes Home

Home of Lori and Joe Scholtz
Canton, Ohio
Making a (Country) Statement in Canton

Home of Dave and Kathy Fenstermaker
Leipsic, Ohio
The History of Us

Inwood, West Virginia
Carved Out with Love

Home of Alechia Hause
Mountoursville, Pennsylvania
Alechia’s Unique House of Country

Spring 2017
Summer 2017
Five Home Tours!

Home of George and Debbie Bee
Salem, New Jersey
The Big Change

Home of Paul and Vesta Urband
Middlebury, Vermont
Wood Wears its History in a Tangible Way

Home of Scott and Cindy Johnson
Troy, New York
The Dater House 

Home of Joe and Judy Kimber
Mannington, New Jersey
Love of History

Home of Gary and Kathy Trabucco
Gaylordsville, Connecticut
​The Magic is in Being True to Yourself

Summer 2017
Fall 2017
Five Home Tours!

Home of Bill and Cindy Goodall
 A Salem, Ohio
Living the Good Life

Home of Tracy Dodge and Steve Lipman
Abbottstown, Pennsylvania.
Finally Back to their Future

Home of Mike and Tere Bunker
East Falmouth, Massachusetts
When Cape Cod Dreams Came True

Perry and Debbie Shearer
Abbottstown, Pennsylvania
The Third House is the Charm

LouAnne and Lee Booz
Mannington, New Jersey
Saving the Nicholson Home

Fall 2017

Christmas 2017
Five Home Tours!

Home of Jenna & Greg
Heavenly Peace

Home of Perc and Connie Reeve
Ledyard, Connecticut
Surrounded by Blessings at Avery Hill Farm"

Home of Abe and Dianna Swartz
Huntersville, North Carolina
A Primitive Feel with a Presidential Flair 

Home of Andrew & Maggi Baker
Wrightsville, Pennsylvania 
All is Bright

Home of Kara Mattice
Loudonville, New York
All is Calm

Christmas 2017

Spring 2016
Five Home Tours!

Home of Ben and Amanda Bunner
Farimont, West Virginia
A House Full of Love and Primitives

Home of Philip and Bernice
New Jersey
Curators of A Pilgrim Collection

Home of Keith and Connie Kiely
Palenville, New York
When All the Pieces Come Together

Home of Robert Strauss
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Original Surface Attracts the Country Gentleman

 Home of Esther Corey
Cranston, Rhode Island
      A Colonial Collector in Cranston       
Spring 2016
Summer 2016
Five Home Tours!

Home of Wanda Stup
Emmitsburg, Maryland
A Restoration with Plenty of Room for Pies

Home of Roberta and Ronnie Slater
Hadley, Pennsylvania
There’s No Place Like Home

Home of Dawn and John Berry
Hanover, Pennsylvania
An Enduring Love of Antiques

 Wanda and Lowell Burton
Olive Hill, Kentucky 
Teamwork and Know-How Help This Couple Preserve History

Home of Heather and Trevor Shreves, Metropolis, Illinois
The Joining of Two Hands Makes One Heart

Summer 2016
Fall 2016
Six Home Tours!

Home of Mary and Roger Riani
Millbury, Massachusetts
As American as Apple Pie

Home of Jim Hammel
Massillon, Ohio
A Passion for Battlefields Inspires Primitive Surroundings

Woodstock, Connecticut 
A Diamond in the Rough

Home of Linda Gerhard
Greenwich, New Jersey
The Real Deal in Greenwich, New Jersey

Hubbard, Ohio
What a Difference a Day Can Make

Romulus, New York
Log Cabin Heaven

Fall 2016

Christmas 2016
Six Home Tours

Home of Karen Comita-Morgan
Modern Day “Self -Taught Genius”

Home of Nancylee Leighton
The Home that Love Built

Loudonville, Ohio
The Gleaner

Tinley Park, Illinois
A Folk Art Enthusiast

Sunbury, Ohio
Home is Where Your Story Begins

Home of Walter Marquez
Highland, New York
The Keeper of Christmas Past

Christmas 2016

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